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Visionary • Storyteller  • Entrepreneur • Adventurer

David at the helm of Searcher, the family’s 57-foot Bowman Ketch--100 miles north of Bermuda, winds 35 knots gusting to 40, seas 15 to 20-feet. The family spent the winter  (2009-10) exploring the Eastern Caribbean as far south as Grenada sailing more than 5,000 miles.  You can read about the voyage at Photo by Julie Robinson Lyman.

Mentoring & Coaching

Need someone to look at your work, provide advise on how to realize a dream? Need help with an idea, project or career? Starting a business?  Looking for a professional mentor to guide you through the Creative Process?

I’ve been helping artists, writers, photographers, filmmakers, fellow entrepreneurs, boat owners and crews-professionals as well as amateurs--launch careers, start a business, publish a book, make a movie . . . or make that big voyage into the unknown.

You and I can work face-to-face, one-on-one, on-line . . .


Excerpts from David’s Lecture on The Creative Artist’s Mind.

Off Shore Passage-making to the Caribbean

David is an experienced professional skipper, with more than 30,000 sea miles, over 40 years. He has owned, outfitted and sailed 4 boats, 34 to 57 feet, between Maine and the Caribbean, making mo
re than 20 crossings of the Gulf Stream. He has written about off shore passage-making, hurricane survival, and family voyaging.  His lectures and classes cover all aspects of off shore sailing and how to deliver your boat from New England to the Caribbean, for a winter of cruising, His one-day workshop covers costs, where to go,  how to get there, and get back.-safely. Click here for a look at his lecture notes.

The Moon Cusser Folk Music Coffee House

1963 - 2013 -

Looking back at that first year on the Vineyard . . . 50 years ago.  I created one of my first real magical places. The Moon Cusser Coffee House on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard Island played a key role in the lives and professional careers of many who spent their summer there. Here I reminisce about the beginning of that magical experience and share some of the posters and other literature in my files.

The Bert and I Company of Maine, LLC

I’ve been working for 2 years with Cherie Hoyt, an old friend, to acquire an exclusive license to the Bert
and I brand of Maine Humor and its intellectual property.  That happened this past August. We are now on our way to launching a talent search throughout northern New England, looking for new voices, new stories, new characters-- for The Bert and I Stage and Radio Show, a new series of CDs and DVDs, the Bert and I Movie, and a subsequent television series--all to be produced here in Maine, based on the characters and stories of the original Bert and I humor recordings.

Marshall Dodge, as The “I” in Bert and I, my photo of 1976.


Book Project: Hurricane Comin . . . . How to prepare your boat for a blow.

I am writing and editing a book on hurricanes, where they come from, how they develop, and how to prepare for and survive them. This book is for sailors, mariners, boat owners and their crews who want to know what its like to survive a hurricane on board. We provide  lessons learned, recommendations and suggestions for how to prepare for the next storm,on on your boat at sea, at anchor, at the dock, or on the hard.
  1. Introduction    • Prologue    • Hurricane Emily  • Hurricane Hugo

  2. •  Strategy       • Planning       • Preparations